Monday, January 19, 2009

I promised I'd write more...

The semester is starting off good, even if I did miss my first quiz along with three classes today. This semester is going to be pretty heavy on the reading. Especially until I figure out which classes I can skim for and which I need to really read and take some notes for.

I have not settled into a church yet, since I have been here. This is very difficult for me - both finding a church where I will be stretched and will grow and finding a church that is sensitive to the wanderings of a post-modern generation. I am hoping to check a couple out in the coming weeks, and I'd like to post my thoughts here.

Does anyone have Fallout 3? Is it worth getting into? OXM gave it game of the year accolades, but, I'm not convinced yet. Thoughts?

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ESCH said...

Hey, so you're in IL now? Billy and I are coming thru there on a roadtrip later this week. you should contact us. :)